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                                                                            Strange people are those who hike. Trekkers, ramblers, call them what you like
                                                                    All are under Her charm, under Nature spell, marveling at things as small as a nutshell
                                                  All share one passion, all stroll the mountain track. To them, Lebanon opens its heart; so does Liban Trek
                                                                             HIKING & CULTURAL TRIPS/FALL 2020/ SEPTEMBER 14 – DECEMBER 13
-A- CALENDAR. Chronological summary
       A1. UPCOMING TRIPS. Close events & beyond
       A2. RURAL TOURISM. Discovering Lebanon backcountry
-B- GENERALITIES. Gathering, prices & other info. Newcomers are urged to read it.
We’re available for private requests, any date, to any destination.
SCHEDULED TOURS Transportation in Corona times
. Own cars when destination is close to Beirut. We’d be happy to help for car pooling.
. Bus otherwise, not exceeding half seating capacity. Participants can still arrange for their own transportation.
Day hiking trips, per person
LL.50’000 Guiding only, LL. 30’000 per child or 3rd family member
LL.80’000 Guiding + Bus. A minimum of 7 passengers is required.
Saturday 31.10
Joining a trekking group on LMT section 20, MAASSER – NIHA (Chouf), Level 6
Trail thru water springs,old oak forests and pinewoods.
Departure from Beirut at 7am.
Limited places. LL.120’000 p/p for Transportation, Guiding and Reserve entrance.
Optional extension to Sunday: Dinner & night in Mresti guesthouse. LL.200’000 p/p, including transfers
Sunday 01
Hiking AIN ZHALTA (Chouf), 60km from Beirut ........ Chouf Reserve: +LL.7’000 p/p
              Gathering 7:30am, Hikmeh, Achrafieh.
              Beautiful trails in a large cedar forest. Panoramic ridges.
              Level 5 (10km, 1300-1800m). Loop in forest ....... Optional use of own cars
              Level 6 (13km, 1000-1800m). Crossing to the Beqaa ........... Skaff Reserve: +LL.3’000 p/p.
Sunday 08
Hiking JABAL TARTEJ (Jbayl), 60km from Beirut ... bus
              Gathering 7:30am, Hikmeh, Achrafieh.
              Jabal Tartej is a most extraordinary example of geology.
              Level 5 (10km, 1200-1700m). From the great sinkhole to Tartej, via wooded mazes.
              Level 6 (12km, 1200-1900m). From the great sinkhole to Tartej, via a fantastic cave.
Sunday 15
Hiking QADISHA (Bcharreh), 110km from Beirut ... bus
              Gathering 7:30am, Hikmeh, Achrafieh.
              Qadisha valley is a deep gorge dotted with cave sanctuaries, a World Heritage site.
              Level 4 (7km, 900-1200m). Blaouza to Mar Licha ... Optional lunch by the river: +LL.40’000 pp
              Level 6 (12km, 900-1300m). The steep “Mar Mkhayel” trail to Hasroun.
Saturday 21 – Monday 23
Trekking AKKAR. See “Announcement” below for details
Sunday 22
Hiking MTEIN (Metn), 30km from Beirut ... bus
              Gathering 7:30am, Hikmeh, Achrafieh.
              Mtein is an old feudal place; old mansions and an Art museum
              Level 4 (8km, 1000-1200m). Pinewoods, grape presses and a Roman temple.
              Level 6 (12km, 750-1300m). The Ghamqa valley and the trail to Kfarselouane.
Sunday 29
Hiking SAGHBINE (Beqaa), 60km from Beirut ... bus or cars
              Gathering 7:30am, Hikmeh, Achrafieh.
              Panoramic trails dominating the Beqaa and the Qaraoun dam.
              Level 4 (7km, 900-1200m). Water springs and Deir aj-Jaouzeh monastery.
              Level 6 (12km, 1000-1700m). The hidden “Khlayel” oaks and mountain ridges.
Saturday 21 – Monday 23 Trekking week-end in Akkar
Day1. Saturday 21 ... bus
Gathering in Hikmeh, Achrafieh at 6:50am.
Departure from Beirut at 7am. Stop in Tripoli on the way North.
Arrival to destination at around 10am, Menjez, a border locality.
Numerous historical sites linked by trails arranged by an active municipality.
Hiking MENJEZ (Akkar), 130km from Beirut
    Level 4 (8km, 250-400m). Trail along Nahr Menjez
       . Maqâm ar-Rabb, a Roman temple built with black basalt
       . Local museum including film projection
       . Saydet al-Qalaa; megalithic tombs, Crusader castle, early Jesuit settlement
Road (15km) to Qobeyat. Bus returns to Beirut.
Dinner & night1 in Qobeyat. Monastery guesthouse, rooms with toilets.
Day2. Sunday 22 Independence day
After breakfast, short transfer to Mar Challita temple-chapel.
Hiking QOBEYAT (Akkar), 130km from Beirut
    Level 4 (8km, 600-1000m). Loop hike via Zouarib fir forest and Zabboud cave tombs.
    Level 6 (12km, 600-1400m). Loop hike via Harf Akkar and Wadi al-Assouad forest.
Dinner & night2 in Qobeyat.
Day3. Monday 23 Bus arrives from Beirut.
Breakfast and check-out at 9am.
Road (15km) to Akroum, a remote border locality.
Jabal Akroum is scattered with historical remains of different periods.
Hiking AKROUM (Akkar), 150km from Beirut
   Levels 4 & 5 (7/9km, 800-1000/1200m). Byzantine church, Hill temple, Babylonian stele
3-day trek, all inclusive. Minimum 6 trekkers
LL.700’000 p/p for groups of 2persons or more.
     700’000 p/p for individuals confirming early, before 1pm, Saturday 14.
     800’000 p/p for individuals signing up later.
-A2- RURAL TOURISM Discovering the interior, sites & people. Day trips or week-ends.
METN & KESROUAN. Cultural round trip of 170km.
Day1: Baabdate wine presses, Jaouz Roman temple, Baskinta. Optional hotel overnight.
Day2: Faqra ruins, Tabriyyeh site, Bzommar cathedral, Jeita old olive trees.
QADISHA Cultural & mild hiking
Day1: Hike Qadisha (World Heritage). Deep gorge. Optional homestay.
Day2: Hike Qozhaya. Cave sanctuaries.
Some information is no longer valid during Corona pandemic.
LIBAN TREK is a Beirut-based Tour Operator founded in January 1997. It caters for Adventure & Culture.
Quality tours are organized in Lebanon and abroad.
Scheduled trips are posted quarterly, restricted to “focus activities”, HIKING and CULTURE.
Customized tours can be requested for other kinds of trips e.g. Camping, Caving, Skiing.
Responsible tourism, concern of environment & of sustainable rural development are inherent to all.
Reservation is necessary for all trips.  01 32 99 75, 03 29 16 16, info@libantrek.com
Gathering: Parking lot by Hikmeh school (Sagesse), Achrafieh.
                     It’s next to “Diwan Beirut” restaurant, on Charles Malik avenue.
                     Pick up of participants on the way to destination is possible. No detours.
Payment: Except for travel, payment is done at the starting of the trip.
Transportation in comfortable busses.
Our trips are safe. No risks are taken other than ordinary ones pertaining to the activity.
Accidents may nevertheless happen as they can do while at home or walking down the street.
SUNDAY HIKING TRIPS. Nature trails. Varied hiking levels
Levels: 1-3 for easy, 4-6 for moderate, 7-9 for hard
Gathering as of 7:30, Departure at 8:00am. Participants may be picked-up on the way.
TREKKING. Continuous hiking over 2 days or more
Overnights at monasteries, guesthouses, home stays or camping under tents
Normally, all is provided, bed sheets, covers ... Towels also, except for camping and other rare occasions
SNOWSHOEING. Hiking on snow. Ordinary hiking boots required.
Equipment: Snowshoes (fixed under the boots) and poles. Snowshoes & poles can be rented.
Moderate level in general. Same pricing as hiking.
RURAL TOURISM. Contribution to sustainable development of Rural Lebanon
Trips of 1 day or 2. Guided visits with no or little walking.
Discovering Lebanon backcountry; people, cuisine, hidden sites, ...
TRAVELLING.Chosen destinations for eclectic people. Programmes on request
                            Trekking or Cultural escorted trips; best local guides and services.